Rae Bell

Maya Shimmin

Produced by
Close to Home Productions

Assistant Producer
Skäi Cody

Movement Director
Jessica Huckerby

Company Stage Manager
Lauren Lambert Moore

Technical Stage Manager & Lighting Design
Jessica Brigham

Assistant Stage Manager
Jihan Rezeqallah

Set and Costume Designer
Lucy Sneddon

Assistant Set and Costume Designer
Danni Ebanks-Ingram 

Sound Designer
Hannah Bracegirdle

Sorcha McCaffrey

Marketing Assistant
Hannah Harquart

BSL performance interpretation by
Bobbie Blackwell

Hannah Harquart and Rae Bell

2023 Trainee Assistants

Directing: Joss Birkett & Amrita Manku

Set & Costume: Emma Marlowe

Stage Management: Maddy Whitby

Sound Design: Izzie Winters

Lighting Design: Amy Finch

With special thanks to:

Leah Biddle, Nikki Barraclough, Dr Cliona Kerwin, Siobhan Noble, Sarah Brigham, Jo Crowley, Natalie Chan, Michael Slavin, Rebecca Hartley, Eleanor O’Connell, Gemma Moran, Marion Hart, Vic Mooney, Rebecca Hughes, Tina Corkill, Monica McCaffrey, stonefree, Not Too Tame, Redbrick Studios, Mike Noble, Rory Murphy, Jack Ehlen, Emily Horrex, Daryl Rowland, Faye McCutcheon, Dora Colquhoun, Angela Rose, Rebecca Hughes, Molly Agar

2021 R&D collaborators:
Emily Horrex, Daryl Rowlands,
Dora Colcohoun, Faye McCutcheon, Angela Rose

A play about boobs. Happy boobs. Sad boobs. Naughty boobs. Scared boobs…Poorly boobs.

From bra fittings to breast cancer diagnosis, Lucy’s boobs tell her story in 60 minutes – the time it takes to perform a standard lumpectomy.

Co-created with women who have experience of breast cancer and those who treat them, Identities unclasps the hidden adventures our boobs go on; the good, the bad and the silly.

“It’s the perfect blend of hilarity and heart-wrenching reality”


“It is funny, tender, heart-wrenching, and an absolute must-watch.”

The Warrington Guardian

“It was just BRILLIANT”

Warrington Arts Festival

“Beautiful, moving, loved hearing the testimonies and extremely funny”

Story Stitchers

“It is glorious, and pink and full of strength.”

A Young(ish) Perspective

“A theatrical gem!”

Reviewer Number 9

“The play had me going from belly laughing to crying and back to belly laughing and is honestly one of the best productions I have ever seen”

Cheshire Life Magazine

“Beautifully blending comedy with heart-wrenching sincerity, this play will have you laughing one moment and crying the next”

The Warrington Guardian

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